Junior’s a travel vlogger and presenter, who’s big on gaming, anime and music. We begged him to pick just one anthem for the summer – Lil Uzi Vert’s XO TOUR Llif3.

How do you feel after winning this competition?

Incredible! It’s such an amazing opportunity, and I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait to set off and capture some great content to share with the world!


What are the defining points in your life that’ve got you here today?

In Nigeria, I was being guided through our village by one of my cousins. I remember taking a break to look around and appreciate my. After that, I made sure that I always took a moment to do just that, wherever I went – whether it was an amazing scenic route, or an insane party in the middle of nowhere.


What inspires you to create content?

The essence of ‘creation’ as a whole has always been something I’ve admired. No matter the scale of the project, the end product is your baby, your creation. That’s something I’ve always regarded as special.


Aside from travel and creating content, what else are you most passionate about?

Videos games, anime, technology and music. Ever since I was a child, these were the things that would captivate me the most.


What are you most looking forward to getting up to with Scene this summer?

The spontaneity of an adventure! Literally having no idea what’s in store for me and going with the flow – I can’t wait for that.


What’s the number one thing you’ll be packing for this trip?

A good travelling pillow… Definitely going to need one of those.


Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to so far and why?

I can’t decide between Miami and the Dominican Republic! I probably had the most fun in Miami, purely because that place is just ridiculously, insanely, fun. But the Dominican has it all – a vibrant culture, amazing scenery and beautiful resorts.. Sorry, I refuse to choose one!


What song is bound to get you on the dancefloor this summer?

I can only choose one?!?! You guys are killing me! It’ll have to be Lil Uzi Vert’s XO TOUR Llif3. This was a cruel, evil question… Shame on you!

Food vlogger, Shu, and her filmmaker partner, Rob, can’t wait to start working with the rest of the crew. Their motto – good friends make for good stories. N’awww.

What inspired you to enter the competition?

Shu: To me, it felt like the perfect opportunity to come out of my comfort zone, learn more about myself as an individual, and go on an incredible three-month adventure around the world. And the best thing is, I get to do it with my best friend! 🙂

Rob: My inspiration came from my love of seeing the world and wanting to constantly improve my skills making videos to share with others. This competition was the perfect opportunity to dive headfirst into creativity with my partner in crime, and soak in all the experiences it has to offer.


Where’s the best place you’ve been to?

Shu: Thailand! We got to bathe and feed elephants (they’re WAY hairier than I thought they’d be), eat crickets (they taste like salty crisps!) and snorkel with clown fish and turtles in the Surin Islands. I’d been deathly afraid of swimming in deep water for years, but Rob was the best teacher (and very patient boyfriend) and we overcame that fear in Thailand. Rob also got attacked by a hungry monkey, so there’s that, too. He really wanted the bag of bananas…

Rob: Skiing in Val D’Is¨re – we had the most action-packed, fun week ever! Pick any direction to look in and you’re surrounded by breath-taking mountain ranges, and there’s nothing quite like having a morning ski followed by a huge, mid-mountain party at La Folie Douce.


What’s going into your suitcase first?

Shu: My camera. I’m that annoying person that has to take a picture, video, Instagram story and Snapchat before anyone can eat. Bonus points if there are fun props around to arrange for my flat lay!

Rob: My Nintendo Switch. Video games are another one of my other passions and the Switch is the perfect travel companion. I can feel some Scene Team tournaments coming along…


Party trick?

Shu: Ooh! I can eat an entire 22-inch pizza or a kilo of ribs with a large portion of fries in one sitting. I even have a XXXL T-shirt to prove it! Does that count?

Rob: It used to be ‘the worm’, but last time I tried I almost broke my back! So, I’ll go with my eyebrows – I can do a pretty close rendition of the eyebrow dance from that Dairy Milk advert… That’s a party trick, right?

Scott’s already got the travel game on lock, so, for him, this summer’s all about going on an adventure with new friends! And drinking beer along the way!

What was it about this comp that made you enter?

The chance to work on a dream project that focuses on adventures with friends! After I won I was in disbelief, and shock about what was about to happen. Once it sunk in, that turned to pure excitement to get started, to find out what the plans are, as well as satisfaction and pride that I was chosen to represent Scene.


What have been your defining moments in life, so far?

My first 10-month round-the-world trip taught me a lot about life and the importance of travelling to push your boundaries. Setting up my website to write and make travel videos. And, finally, taking the leap of leaving my full-time job a year ago.


What inspires the content that you create and defines the stories that you capture?

My biggest inspiration is encouraging people to escape their routine. It could be choosing an adventurous holiday rather than a beach holiday or leaving their job to travel the world – just like I did!


What are you most looking forward to getting up to with Scene this Summer?

Finding a unique adventure, or a hidden gem in a place better known for something else, and making some lifelong friends in the process.


Where’s your number-one place you’ve been?

That’s a tough one! Either Fiji or New Zealand. I’d probably pick NZ, because it has something for everyone. Solo backpacker, family, couples, friends, old or young – everyone would enjoy NZ. The stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, adrenaline activities, road trips! It has it all.


And the main thing you won’t be leaving home without?

My phone, to make sure I show everyone on social media just how great these places are!


One last thing – what’s your favourite drink?

Is it boring to say beer? Or a mojito – that’s a bit more exotic.

Instagrammer, Leigh, got inspired to travel after surviving a car accident. Since then, she’s been on a mission to take a selfie in every possible place on the planet.


What made you want to enter this competition?

My best friend works at a Thomson store and saw the competition on her bulletin. She told me about it straight away, because she knows I study media and I love travelling, too. I’m so happy about winning – it still hasn’t sunk in!


What, in life, has got you where you are today?

I loved school and learning, and I’ve always been interested in different things. But I never actually knew what I wanted to do until I was 17. I was involved in a bad car accident, where I broke almost everything in my body, including my spine. Since then, I’ve looked at life completely differently. I want to travel and see more of the world, and it made me want to go to uni and do what I enjoy – taking selfies and videoing everything, everywhere I go. And that’s where I am now – about to travel to some amazing places, in which I’m going to be able to create some amazing content.


What are you most excited about this summer with Scene?

I’m looking forward to travelling with great people who have similar interests as me. I think we’re going to have great fun discovering new places and capturing new content.


What’s going into your suitcase first?

Comfy shoes! I’m thinking sliders!


Where’s the best destination you’ve travelled to so far, and why?

I’ve got a personal love for Cyprus, as I lived in Ayia Napa for a few months last year. It has some beautiful places and the people are so friendly.


Important one, this – fave drink?

This is going to make me sound so boring, but all I drink on a daily basis is water! My favourite alcoholic drink, though, has to be vodka, lemonade and lime!


What’s going to be your anthem for this summer?

French Montana featuring Swae Lee – Unforgettable