Instagrammer, Leigh, got inspired to travel after surviving a car accident. Since then, she’s been on a mission to take a selfie in every possible place on the planet.


What made you want to enter this competition?

My best friend works at a Thomson store and saw the competition on her bulletin. She told me about it straight away, because she knows I study media and I love travelling, too. I’m so happy about winning – it still hasn’t sunk in!


What, in life, has got you where you are today?

I loved school and learning, and I’ve always been interested in different things. But I never actually knew what I wanted to do until I was 17. I was involved in a bad car accident, where I broke almost everything in my body, including my spine. Since then, I’ve looked at life completely differently. I want to travel and see more of the world, and it made me want to go to uni and do what I enjoy – taking selfies and videoing everything, everywhere I go. And that’s where I am now – about to travel to some amazing places, in which I’m going to be able to create some amazing content.


What are you most excited about this summer with Scene?

I’m looking forward to travelling with great people who have similar interests as me. I think we’re going to have great fun discovering new places and capturing new content.


What’s going into your suitcase first?

Comfy shoes! I’m thinking sliders!


Where’s the best destination you’ve travelled to so far, and why?

I’ve got a personal love for Cyprus, as I lived in Ayia Napa for a few months last year. It has some beautiful places and the people are so friendly.


Important one, this – fave drink?

This is going to make me sound so boring, but all I drink on a daily basis is water! My favourite alcoholic drink, though, has to be vodka, lemonade and lime!


What’s going to be your anthem for this summer?

French Montana featuring Swae Lee – Unforgettable