Scott’s already got the travel game on lock, so, for him, this summer’s all about going on an adventure with new friends! And drinking beer along the way!

What was it about this comp that made you enter?

The chance to work on a dream project that focuses on adventures with friends! After I won I was in disbelief, and shock about what was about to happen. Once it sunk in, that turned to pure excitement to get started, to find out what the plans are, as well as satisfaction and pride that I was chosen to represent Scene.


What have been your defining moments in life, so far?

My first 10-month round-the-world trip taught me a lot about life and the importance of travelling to push your boundaries. Setting up my website to write and make travel videos. And, finally, taking the leap of leaving my full-time job a year ago.


What inspires the content that you create and defines the stories that you capture?

My biggest inspiration is encouraging people to escape their routine. It could be choosing an adventurous holiday rather than a beach holiday or leaving their job to travel the world – just like I did!


What are you most looking forward to getting up to with Scene this Summer?

Finding a unique adventure, or a hidden gem in a place better known for something else, and making some lifelong friends in the process.


Where’s your number-one place you’ve been?

That’s a tough one! Either Fiji or New Zealand. I’d probably pick NZ, because it has something for everyone. Solo backpacker, family, couples, friends, old or young – everyone would enjoy NZ. The stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, adrenaline activities, road trips! It has it all.


And the main thing you won’t be leaving home without?

My phone, to make sure I show everyone on social media just how great these places are!


One last thing – what’s your favourite drink?

Is it boring to say beer? Or a mojito – that’s a bit more exotic.